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Sharpe Holdings Crop Farming

Sharpe Holdings Crop Farming

Beginning with less than 3000 acres 40 years ago, the farm has grown to almost 17,000 acres.

Corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, dairy cows, beef cattle and horses are grown and raised on the farm. Currently our farm crew has about 28 tractors on the farm and 3 choppers. On any given year we plant about 7500 acres of corn, 4000 acres of alfalfa and 700 acres of hay ground. We chop about 50,000 tons of corn silage and 14,000 tons of alfalfa to help meet the annual need of our dairy herd.


Address: 6417 Shelby 150, Bethel MO 63434

Phone: (660) 284-6212

Fax: (660) 213-5190