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Colombia: Missions Trip Report 2017

The missions trip to Colombia was a first for several on the team, and they were impacted by the people and work being done in that nation. It is always a privilege to minister alongside long-time friends. We had the opportunity to visit and speak at each of the churches represented by our friends Mauricio & Marcella, Diego & Claudia, and Lucia. Together, we hosted a pastors conference, visited various schools, a children’s crisis center, their outreaches to local food kitchens, rehabilitation centers, and even the local police academy.

Thom remarked, “It was quite amazing to see how well the children responded to us and our message about God’s redeeming love. One afternoon we visited a local skate park where we attempted to draw local youth to a special Tuesday evening service at the church. Later at the service, five young men that we spoke with and had invited from the park came and gave their lives to Jesus. It was remarkable to see God’s hand at work. During the pastors’ conference, it was truly humbling to see the hearts that are being mended and relationships that are being restored here in Ibague through the grace of God.”

As always, thank you to those to support our missions endeavors, both financially and (more importantly) with your prayers. Through your giving we are feeding hungry children as well as hungry souls.