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College Classes: Spring 2019 Block 2

College Classes: Spring 2019 Block 2

Registration is open for Block 2 of the Spring semester at Heartland Christian College. Block 1 runs from March 12 thru May 3, 2019. Contact the registrar for details, 660-284-4800. The following courses will be offered: 

  • Mon./Wed. 8:10-10:50am… Speech Communications, Western Church in World History II
  • Tues./Thurs. 8:10-10:50am… NT Studies, Life of Christ


Speech CommunicationsAn orientation to the dynamics of speech communication, including both verbal and non-verbal elements which influence effective speaking and listening. Special attention is given to the principles of effective public speech

The Western Church in World History II. This course presents a broad survey of the interrelationship between world history and the history of the Western Church from the time of the Reformation to the present. The focus is on the major changes and movements within both the church and world history, emphasizing their relevance and impact on today.

New Testament Studies. A survey of the New Testament. This survey includes an overview of geography, historic and thematic elements, and the central message of each book.

The Life and Ministry of Christ. A study of the life, ministry, and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as taken from the Gospel accounts.v