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Our neighborhood probably resembles your own community in many ways. There are businesses in Heartland — from dining and laundry services, to graphic design, auto body shop, and a country store — as well as a school, a college, a church, and even our own volunteer fire department. The houses are filled with families who live and work here. But one thing that makes Heartland unique is that we are an intentional Christian community.

An intentional community is simply one that is built around a specific interest or goal (such as a golfing community, a retirement community, or an artist colony). Ours happens to be a group of people who believe Jesus is the answer to every issue we face – including addiction, anger, broken homes, and financial crises. Men and women who commit themselves to the process of restoration find help at Heartland through the power of God and the encouragement of people who have walked a similar path. serves as a directory of the Heartland Community. In addition to the non-profit ministries at Heartland (including schools, recovery programs, and a church), the local businesses of Sharpe Holdings serve this region with restaurants, a laundry service, auto repair, hotel lodging, and more. Click through the pages, view the virtual tours and photos of our facilities.


Heartland Community